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Fineline™ Applicators for Ceramic and Pottery

The Fineline™ Applicator is a precision applicator with an air tight, non- clogging, cap wire closure system. The non-clogging cap/wire design insures the applicator and liquid are always ready for immediate use. Various tip sizes allow most all viscosity to be distributed through the Fineline Applicator system. The most popular tip sizes are 15 gauge-1”, 18 gauge-1” and 20 gauge-1”. Custom sizes are available on a more limited basis depending on the liquid. There are also four cap sizes available which offer the possibility of screwing an applicator on an existing bottle of liquid. 15/410, 18/410 (our bottle/cap size), 20/410 and 24/410 are the most common cap sizes on the market.

Fineline Applicators can be easily customized for any liquid or application used in ceramics today.

  • Simple to Use
  • Non-Clogging
  • Air tight Cap Wire Closure
  • Reusable / Durable Tool
  • Tips Available in Different Sizes and Lengths
  • Easy Handling Oval bottles or "Pen like" Cylinder Bottles
  • Guaranteed

Product ID - 5559 & 5560

Cap sizes designed to fit small Mayco bottles and other bottles of this cap size.

Two tip sizes: standard-5559 and fine-5560

Fineline PenFineline PenFineline Pen

Product ID - 8132 & 8133

8132-fine size tip
8133-standard size tip
8135-fine, standard and extra large tip

Fineline Pen

Fineline PenFineline Pen

Fineline Pen